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Solibbean Pirates

Using a generative script, all the variables will be randomly combined to produce 7,777 unique pirates draw by hand with attributes from different rarities.







The Story

We have been working on this NFT project since April 2021.

We have researched and collected a lot of information and we have
decided to launch ourselves on the theme of Pirates.
We chose the Solana blockchain because it offers a lot of things
at the NFT level at a lower cost for our users.

The history of our pirates will be written as the community evolves.
We want each of you to participate in this story.

Find yours

More than
7000 Pirates available

We have been working on this NFT project since April 2021.
We have researched and collected a lot of information and we have.


The Roadmap

From this roadmap you will see the vision we have of the NFTs and the MetaVerse that we want to develop. This roadmap is likely to evolve because we want the community to take full part in this adventure!



Development of the actual website for a full NFT platform

Development of the PirateVerse and our own EcoSystem through Solana

Community Animation (Giveaway ect..)




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Frequently Asked Questions

Pirates of the Solibbean is a project we have been working on since July 2021. We want to bring the world of pirates to Web3.0. We want to bring our expertise from the world of technology, art and creation in the same block. Our goal is to create a playful MetaVerse where your NFTs are of real use, not just a collection.

Many projects either don’t keep their promises or take a long time to get there until the flame is extinguished. We don’t want this to happen to us, which is why we are going to « force » the community to decide the fate of the project on several aspects.

Yes! There are no twins, and you can find some unique assets as well. Try to find them.

Mint price will be at a fixed price: 1.7 SOL.

Minting date will be available as soon as possible.

Minting process wil be available soon.

There is no whitelist, but you can win a free airdrop in the discord contest.

Follow us on Twitter and Discord for get tunned about your contest for free airdop.

Holder-Only benefits (See the roadmap for more information).
You’ll be able to join the « PirateVerse ».
Enjoy royalties when your pirate is used in our communications (comic strip and game assets).

We’ll use a totally random NFT selection. By the way, in our presentation video, there are 3 NFTs. You’ll receive royalties if you have one of them.

You can use Phantom.


Meet The Team


Developper for 8 years
in Tech. domain.


Designer & Illustrator

We are not doxed yet but if we find that the project needs it to evolve we will not hesitate.


Designer & Marketing